Tuesday 3 August 2021

Move Controller 1.7: Move accessories - CharLoader fix

The latest release of the Move Controller for AI Girl and Honey Select 2 Studio NEO makes it possible to move around and rotate a character's accessories as if they were studio items. Press the new "Accs" button on the workspace panel to toggle this feature.

(A known limitation is that this feature doesn't work for accessories in the extra slots created with the "More Accessories" plugin.)

There's also a small fix to the CharLoader plugin that may improve performance.

UPDATE: Move Controller upgraded to version 1.7.1 with minor bugfixes.

Get the files here:

Download for AI Girl


  1. Seems like the amin not work for adjust multiple FK

  2. Could you please fix Move Controller to work with OrangeSpork's VR for HS2 Studio NEO. Your interface flies off the screen when you try to move it around in the VR headset... Thanks!