Monday 8 June 2020

Honey Select 2 Plugin Releases!

I've ported the PushUp, Beaver, Gravure and Character Loader plugins to Honey Select 2. They are pretty much identical to the AI Girl versions. The only exception is Gravure, which gets a new feature, the "< Animation >" control. Click and drag the mouse on this panel to advance or reverse the animation of the current pose. It's a nice way to find the exact pose you want for your shot in a long animation.

Like in AI Girl, the Character Loader only supports folders in the maker and studio. I'm hoping to add folder support for the main game in the next version of the plugin.

All of these plugins require BepInEx and HS2API. PushUp requires HS2ABMX.

Some of you may notice that most of the files are named "*AI.dll". It turns out that it's more trouble than it's worth to have different file names when you want to build the same plugin for different games, so to keep things simple I decided not to change any plugin file names. Think of it as paying respects to the historical origin of these plugins.

Downloads here


  1. First off all, thanks for your plugins, mate! They help a lot!

    I'm pretty sure that this was already reported to you, but I've noticed that after PushUp plugin got update to 2.0, there's something weird going on when I turn the "Hide Nipples" option on, they seem to became flat or even "sucked in".

    This image is from an earlier version on AI Girl:

    This is from 2.0, still in AI:

    This is from HS2, with 2.0 port:

    Messing with "Areola bulge" seems to help, but it doesn't totally make's the problem go away:

    Also, are you planing on porting "Move Controller" to HS2 too?

  2. Hmm, that's strange. I'm not seeing that problem on my characters, the breasts are nice and rounded when Hide Nipples is on. It could be that the option doesn't work well with your specific breast settings.

  3. I'm loving the mod so far! It's great! Playing around with the pushup at the moment.

    But in terms of finetuning... I seem to have an issue where adjusting settings doesnt appear to actually take effect? Liking increasing/decreasing firmness or the like.

    1. I've come to realize its not your mod, but all my BepInEx plugins don't show any change to their effects ingame when using the ingame configuration. They all work, but I can't change any settings...

    2. Wait. Mine doesn't take any effect either. How did you fix it?

  4. Wow, i figured it out, dont worry about me. lol i'm dumb.

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