Monday, 13 July 2020

PushUp Plugin v2.1 : Corset Effect

I'm releasing a new version of the PushUp plugin for AI Girl and Honey Select 2. The newest feature is the Corset Effect, an adjustment to narrow a character's waist while clothes are worn. Unlike the other Push Up effects this adjustment can be toggled on to be active even in the half-off state, since that makes sense for a lot of clothing items. Unlike the other PushUp sliders, this one goes to 120!

Finally, a note about H scenes in HS2. Some pushup adjustments are not working correctly during these scenes. This is caused by issues in Illusion's code.  The problem is being investigated, but may sadly be impossible to fix.


  1. Couple questions: For Gravure, would it be possible to automatically set a value for wetness, blushing, etc. upon startup through the config file?

    Secondly, could PushUp allow for less 'togetherness' at zero base values, like negative values perhaps? Particularly "Firmness", "Lift", and "Push Together". Those can feel egregious at times, especially with bust sizes with modified Breast Scales. "Firmness" also seems to do more lifting than "Lift" itself, which seems weird to me. Maybe that's just an uncorrectable aspect of the physics, which I hope isn't an obstacle to this suggestion.

  2. Hello Mikke,

    Very nice work, this is my favourite plugin for AI! I am in second with the previous commenter: the main problem is that the setting sliders are far not zero based (the visible effect sometimes starts up to 70 - OK, this value is highly dependent on breast parameters, so understandble), but the bigger promlem is that it has very big effects (especially on the firmness and lift behaviour) even if all sliders set to 0. It is most obvious if you use top only (without bra), you can not set a light dress's effect fine enough to be satisfying.

    Is it a chance to fix it?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. can it work with boobsetting plugin ?

    1. Does not play well with boobsettings plugin, unfortunately. Hopefully the authors of each get a chance/are willing to merge their work into one plugin, or can make them compatible.

  4. its possible to make it work in vr mode ? and change view to hand

  5. I seem to be getting this error when loading into the game. And it also seems to be causing PushUp Plugin not to work at all. I can't find any forums about this specific problem and I can't seem to find this "kkabmx_core" anywhere.

    I've even downloaded and installed ManlyMarco's ABMX plugins that didn't seem to fix it either. Any insight would definitely help.

    [Error :PushUp plugin] Could not find KKABMX_Core